Wheel, 2018, Graphite and Japanese Kozuke Paper

Wheel, detail

Taking inspiration from the metaphorical tale of the Three Fates who ‘wove destiny’ in Greek mythology, Wheel is an abstract interpretation of the association between the creation of thread and the genesis of life. Influenced by the structure of a classical spinning wheel, repeated strands of fluctuating herringbone pattern provide the life lines that comprise the circular shape. The orbicular drawing further suggests universal notions of the wheel, recurrent within philosophy and cultures worldwide. The process of repeating drawn lines significantly reflects ancient Eastern ideas and practices on the cyclical nature of time, with the belief of each end as a new beginning. Simultaneously the spherical symbol of Samsara and it’s concepts of ‘wandering’ and ‘circuitous change’, with Yantra, a geometrical symbol used in rituals and meditation, inform the boundless cyclicality of the drawing.

Wheel was displayed as part of the group show The Humble Black Line at Frameless Gallery, London in 2018

Installation View, Humble Black Line, Frameless Gallery

Installation View, Humble Black Line, Frameless Gallery

For the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Spring 2018, Wheel was also exhibited as part of an installation of drawings, Life Lines', for the Fair's Platform Projects