Descent explores a transformative process of drawing, exploring the medium as a way of understanding and investigating patterns in nature and consciousness representing a train of thought, the meditative drawing of undulating line aims to represent the abstract process of thinking. The continuous pattern manifests from regular sequence to unstable waves relating to the potential of metamorphosis within human rumination. As the flow of line begins to expand and contract, areas simultaneously open up and close together, creating a veil-like form rippling across the plate. The veil’s dual capacity to simultaneously expose and conceal is expressed in the physical effect of its presence on copper, the plate acting as a mirror of it’s contemplative viewer whilst encompassing their form within the wavering pattern before them.

The etching series, 'Descent' was produced for the exhibition The Yellow Wallpaper at COB Gallery, addressing the gradual decline of the protagonist in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's polemic feminist work of the same name, after becoming absorbed into the patterns she saw within her wallpaper.

The Yellow Wallpaper was on show from 22nd June - 21st July 2012 at Cob Gallery London.