RINGS form a continuing series of drawings made on handmade Chinese bamboo paper. The process of repeating drawn lines reflects ancient Eastern philosophies on the cyclical nature of time, with each end a new beginning. The concepts of Samsara, wandering and circuitous change and Yantra, a geometrical symbol used in rituals and meditation, inform the boundless cyclicality of the drawings.

RINGS were exhibited at Drawing Now 2017 in association with Cob Gallery.

'Becky Allen, Emilie Pugh and Cat Roissetter are individually known for their labour intensive explorations of drawing’s potential- presented together the scope and versatility of the medium is revealed.

All three artists turn to the transformative process of drawing as a form of storytelling and or catharsis exploiting the medium as a way of understanding and investigating patterns in nature, collective consciousness, human experience and personal memory. In their practices we see a celebration of dynamism, energy and movement created by the act of drawing itself whilst their works simultaneously capture a quiet intensity in their individual artistic expression. There is a reveal of the unlimited potential of drawing in their abandonment of traditional methods and employment of a variation of unique and contemporary approaches to the mark making process - be it drawing in bleach, gunpowder and fire or meticulously and repetitively drawing with a needle, or finding beauty in using drawing as a means to destroy, deface and distort.'

Cob Gallery 2017