The doyenne of Becky Allen's work, the story of Homer's Penelope inspires both her process and her drawings. The incessant use of mark making is inspired by domestic textile production and her drawings endure long hours of patience and hardship. With embodiment of the character of Penelope, her drawings manifest as they simultaneously unravel. These works acknowledge a relationship between woman and fabric, those that wrap the body both in life and death.

Penelope is a 14ft x 3ft drawing created on Japanese rice paper.


'So she spoke, and the proud heart in us was persuaded. Thereafter in the daytime she would weave at her great loom, but in the night she would have torches set by, and undo it.'

The Odyssey


Installation View, Show RCA, 2013

Installation View, Fabricate, 2014

Odyssey, 2017, ink on Kozuke Rice Paper

Available in a digital edition. More information and images here.