'Artist and curator Antonia Marsh has spent the last two years curating projects under Girls Only moniker that has come to be known across the globe as providing a platform and a space for women (and men – everyone’s welcome). After introducing Girls Only to cities like London, New York and Copenhagen, Marsh’s next project takes her to India to continue building a network that connects creative women worldwide. While Marsh believes that one area where Indian women have been able to express themselves radically is through art, she's also aware that the platforms for doing so haven’t always been in place.'

- Dazed and Confused 


Draupadi, an ongoing work made during her travels across Rajasthan with home-made saffron and rosewater ink, refers to the owner of a never ending sari given to her by the gods to save her from humiliation by disrobing in the courts, as punishment for exceeding her quota of husbands. Draupadi herself, a notoriously virtuous and strong-willed Princess, was often considered the first feminist of Indian mythology. Concurrently echoing Allen's determined meaner across the country as well as Draupadi's endless saving grace, the continuously unfurling work follows the dimensions of a typical sari. Furthermore, the golden line work emulates the shimmering movement of fabric and its essential undulating nature seemingly continuing ad infinitum.

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