Mia Pfeifer in association with The Cob Gallery and the Beekeepers, invited an esteemed group of creators on a journey back to the roots, to be part of a community where departing from each of our individual creative practice, we will be part of a collective project. 

Bordering a nature reserve, at five minutes from the beach, lies thirty hectares of terrain boasting mature olives and fruit trees. There are two houses called the Beekeepers, and the prospect of several multifunctional decks built with the sole purpose to host creative minds. The space located in Portugal is the brainchild of Tom Leamon, Jennifer MT White and local artist Pedro Leitao.

Participating Artists: Pauliana Valente Pimentel, Adeline de Monseignat, Becky Allen, Tom Leamon, Camilla Emson, Pedro Leitao, Cat Roissetter, Beatrice Bonafini, Paola de Ramos, Jennifer MT White, Oliver KingHeadSwim, Ben Westley Clarke, Laura Adamson.