The Dreamscapes series is a visual representation of our dream process. The works are based on data of human brain activity whilst asleep. Collected from a variety of sources, they take the form of microscopic scans of the brain stem and electroencephalograms from sleep studies. The three separate images that complete Dreamscapes represent an individual aspect of our nightly experience. Drawing from data, subjective imagery to suggest the content of our dreams is created to reveal what we may see or where we find ourselves when asleep.


Nuclei, ink and quill, 1120mm x 840mm


Spandrel, ink and quill, 1120mm x 840mm


Spandrel, detail


Descending the Sleep Staircase, ink and quill, 1120mm x 840mm


Descending the Sleep Staircase, detail


Install View, Nox, Solo show at ART WORK SPACE